Incheon Airport will soon have hydrogen buses

Hyundai Motor Company, Incheon International Airport Corporation (IIAC), Air Liquide Korea, and HyNet signed a business agreement to build a hydrogen recharging station for bus operation in Incheon Airport (ICN). The station will be built by March 2021 near Terminal 2. Hyundai will provide hydrogen electric buses and maintenance services. Air Liquide Korea will provide […]

SNE Research: LG Chem topped Q1 EV battery ranking

Korean battery maker LG Chem topped in the Q1 battery ranking in terms of usage in EV, PHEV, and HEV. In the first quarter, the electric vehicles newly registered in each country equipped a total of 20.4GWh of batteries. LG Chem had supplied 5.5GWh (5.5%) among them, according to SNE Research. Panasonic, CATL, Samsung SDI […]

Houston goes for 100% renewable energy

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced that the City of Houston has committed to purchasing 100% renewable energy through a renewed partnership with NRG Energy as the City’s retail electric provider. As part of the contract renewal, the City will power all municipal operations with renewable energy and realize $65 million in savings over the seven-year […]

Hyundai to promote hydrogen garbage trucks

The Korean government and Hyundai Motor Company signed two MOUs for two hydrogen vehicle demo projects. First, they will operate a 5-ton hydrogen-fueled garbage truck in Changwon for wider adoption of FCEV trucks. The truck can run 599km at 60km/h with a single charge. Hyundai said it will promote more FCEV commercial vehicles including sweeper […]

Busan to set hydrogen extractor for bus operation

Korea’s second largest city Busan is to set a hydrogen extracting facility in a bus depot investing around KRW 10 billion. The facility, which will extract 1.281 tons of hydrogen per day from natural gas, will be completed in August 2021. A hydrogen recharging station will also be built in the same depot by 2021 […]

Government sprays heavy grants to retire old diesel vehicles

The Metropolitan Air Quality Management Office (MAMO) under the Ministry of Environment is to provide KRW 187.4 billion grant to accelerate the retirement of old diesel vehicles and construction equipment in the metropolitan area. The Office expects the program may kick out around 190,000 units. Up to KRW 2.1 million grant will be given for […]

Korea government created wind atlas of the peninsular

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) of Korea has developed a ‘wind atlas,’ which contains information on wind resources, forests, and relevant regulations of regions of the country. The development is in the first phase, and the next phase will add many more features as well as enhancing resolution (1km×1km → 100m×100m). Source: […]