A PV-ESS R&D center to be set in Chungbuk

North Chungcheong Province (Chungbuk) government said the province is selected as the location in which a new ‘PV-ESS validation center.’ The construction of the center will cost around KRW 16.54 billion, and the central government will grant KRW 10 billion for the project. The provincial government also said that an anode material manufacturer EMT will […]

H2 Mobility+Energy Show sticks to July opening

H2 Mobility+Energy Show organizers decided to open the exhibition on July 1 as previously planned and announced. The exhibition had already been postponed from its original opening date, March 18. Organizers said they will put outmost effort to prevent COVID-19 infection in the venue including body temperature measuring and mandatory face masks. The show opens […]

Korea’s EV export at record high amid COVID-19 pandemic

On May 15, MOTIE released the monthly summary describing Korea’s car industry in April. The report said that while the overall export shrank by yoy 44.3% amid the pandemic situation, EV export recorded the historic high at 9,761 units. In the whole ‘green car’ segment including EV, HEV, PHEV, and FCEV, Korea exported 22,235 units, […]

Government to start a demo project for hydrogen trucks

Korean ministries (MOTIE, MOLIT, ME) jointly signed an MOU with Hyundai, Coupang, CJ Logistics, and Hyundai Glovis for a demonstration project to validate the use of hydrogen trucks. In the project, five 10-ton hydrogen trucks will operate in a logistics route linking Gunpo and Okcheon during the 2021-2022 period. A new hydrogen truck will go […]

루마니아가 흑해에 해상풍력단지를 계획하고 있습니다

루마니아 국영 전력회사 Hidroelectrica가 2026년까지 600MW의 풍력 용량을 건설할 계획을 세우고 있다는 소식입니다. 이 가운데 300MW는 흑해 사상 최초 해상풍력 프로젝트로 충당될 것으로 보입니다. Hidroelectrica는 해상풍력 프로젝트에 29억 레우(약 6억 5,500만 달러)를 투입할 계획입니다. 한편 최근 세계은행은 흑해의 풍력 자원이 500GW에 달한다고 밝힌 바 있습니다. 출처: Recharge

Korean utilities signed for bio-heavy oil group purchase

Korea Midland Power and Korea Southern Power signed a deal to form a ‘purchasing alliance,’ which will allow the utilities to team up in tenders for bio-heavy oil. Both utilities are using bio-heavy oil for power generation in Jeju Island. They also agreed to a ‘swap’ scheme, which will allow them to share bio-heavy oil […]

KOGAS to build a hydrogen charging station in Yangsan

KOGAS (Korea Gas Corporation) subsidiary Korea Gas Technology Corporation signed an agreement with Yangsan, a city in South Gyeongsang Province, to build a hydrogen charging station in the city investing KRW 3 billion. Korea Gas Technology added that it is building a total of 18 hydrogen recharging stations. Source: Korea Gas Technology Corporation

KEPCO secures PF for a 60MW PV project in Guam

Korean mega utility KEPCO secured a USD 200 million project financing agreement for a 60MW PV project in Guam. Lenders include Mizuho Bank of Japan and KDB Bank. The project aims to build a 60MW PV facility as well as a 32MW ESS in Mangilao, KEPCO explained. The construction will be completed in December 2021 […]

인도 NTPC가 33.6MW 규모 PV 모듈 입찰을 진행 중입니다

인도 NTPC가 Maharashtra주 Solapur에 개발되는 태양광 발전소를 위해 33.6MW 규모 PV 모듈을 입찰 중입니다. 사업자는 모듈의 생산, 공급, 운송, 설치, 커미셔닝 등 제반 작업을 수행해야 합니다. 모듈은 330W 사양을 갖추어야 합니다. Source: Mercom India

DSME-KERI to develop electric propulsion for KDDX

Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) signed an agreement to jointly develop an electric propulsion system for Korea’s navy vessels including KDDX-class destroyers. KERI said its LBTS (Land Based Test Site), a test facility that can validate on-board systems on land, will play a significant role in the cooperation. […]