Utility and university join hands for biomass combustion

Korea South-East Power and Pusan National University signed an MOU on May 26 to cooperate in the R&D efforts for biomass fuel and biomass combustion technology, along with the opening ceremony of a research center named as Korea Biomass Fuel & Combustion Center (KBC). The center, which will run under the cooperation of two partners, […]

Government to grade SRF products

The Ministry of Environment (ME) announced that it is implementing the revised ‘Enforcement Rule of the Act on the Promotion of Saving and Recycling of Resources.’ With the revision, the ministry is introducing a grading system for SRF (Solid Refuse Fuel), a kind of fuel made of solid flammable wastes such as paper or timber. […]

Korea Western Power conducted drone inspection on a wind farm

Korean utility Korea Western Power conducted safety inspection on 16MW Hwasun Wind Farm using drones. The company explained that this is the second drone employed safety inspection following 2019. Autonomous drones approached blades to take photographs, sending high-resolution data. The utility added that the inspection is jointly conducted with Hanseo University, which is one of […]

Seoul to install PV on a traditional market rooftop

Seoul’s own energy company Seoul Energy Corporation is planning to install PV systems on the rooftop of one of the city’s traditional markets, Gyeongdong Market, which is famous for its herbal medicine and ginseng sellers. Seoul Energy Corporation will set modules on the rooftops and arcade structures. The whole electricity from the installation will be […]

GS Caltex opens first “energy station” in Seoul

Korean oil company GS Caltex opened the first “integrated energy station” in Seoul on May 28. The station, built in cooperation with Hyundai Motor Company, can provide many forms of fuels including electricity (with 100kW raid chargers), gasoline, diesel, LPG, and even hydrogen. The company explained that the station in Gangdong District is the first […]

Taihan won three overseas high-voltage cable contracts

Korean cable specialist Taihan Electric Wire won three high voltage cable orders in the Netherlands, Singapore, and Qatar, said on May 27. In the Netherlands, Taihan supports the construction of a 380kV power line transmitting electricity from a large offshore wind farm. Taihan supplies 230kV cables and equipment to Singapore to replace existing old cables […]