Seminar held linking ‘Green New Deal’ and ‘Green Remodeling’

A seminar was held by Moon administration’s presidential ‘Special Committee on Income-led Growth’ to investigate the implication of ‘green remodeling’ in the administration’s ambitious ‘Green New Deal.’ The chairman of the committee, Hong Jang-pyo commented in the opening speech that Green Remodeling is one of Green New Deal’s core policies, as it has huge potential […]

Policy group called for net-zero to Seoul

Seoul Climate Action Forum, a civil policy group established in November 2019 to pursue the implementation of carbon-neutral policies, submitted a policy suggestion to the city government. The proposal suggests 12 strategies and 28 reformations in building, transportation, waste, and energy policies to achieve net-zero status by 2050. Source: Kharn

Korea fixes ‘vicinity’ of offshore turbines

According to the recent revision of the ‘ACT ON ASSISTANCE TO ELECTRIC POWER PLANTS-NEIGHBORING AREAS,’ MOTIE posted the pre-announcement of the revision of Enforcement Decree of the act. The revised Enforcement Decree will set the new rule defining the ‘vicinity area’ of offshore wind turbines as well as setting new standards for compensation to residents […]

Committee set to oversee air pollution statistics

The National Particulate Matter Information Center under the Ministry of Environment held the first meeting of the ‘committee for supervision of information on air pollutant emission.’ The committee participates civil experts in a process governing the production of the national statistics on the air pollutant emission. The committee will also finalize the national statistics on […]

Chungnam to slash hydrogen price by half

A Korean province South Chungcheong Province (Chungnam) is planning to slash the hydrogen price by establishing a solid distribution network for byproduct hydrogen. The province signed an agreement with Dangjin city government, HyNet, and the Korea Hydrogen Industry Association to build a large hydrogen export facility, investing KRW 6 billion of private money. The export […]

This mobile app finds optimal cables for users

Korean cable maker LS Cable & System launched a mobile application that can suggest a cable best suit for a user’s current project. ‘ConnectLS’ finds and suggests a cable based on the user’s input describing the project’s details such as length, voltage, and temperate. LS said the app, offered in three different categories (HV, MV/LV, […]