EWP buying woodchips made from trees burned in wildfire

EWP | 3Step∙3Go strategy, integrating power generation and community restoration.

Korea East-West Power (EWP) signed a deal to buy woodchips made from burned trees, which are plenty due to ‘Goseong Fire of 2019’ that blazed about 5.3km2 in Korea’s most woody region, Gangwon Province.

EWP’s official blog stated that the contract was signed with the National Forestry Cooperative Federation. EWP buys 10,000 tons of woodchips as the first batch and will increase the purchase gradually. The contract is a part of EWP’s past agreement signed in December 2019 with the Gangwon Provincial Office to utilize burned trees as a biomass fuel resource.

EWP explained that the company has developed a business model integrating power generation and community restoration, as explained in the image above. The company explained that by utilizing burned trees, it can prevent secondary damage from the wildfire as well as creating added value for the local community in the damaged area.

EWP added that it will share the project’s profit with the community by installing wind-powered streetlight and PV-powered bench in the area.

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