KEA posted RPS fixed price tender results

Korea Energy Agency (KEA) revealed the outcome of 1H2020 RPS fixed price competitive tender, which it stared in April, on May 26. The data show that the competition is eased from last year’s 7.3:1 to 4.89:1 as the capacity put on the tender is more than doubled, from 2H2019’s 500MW to 1,200MW. According to the outcome the segment with the most fierce competition was 100kW-1MW segment with 9.63:1. Each winner should sign a 20-year REC selling agreement within a month.

The average price in each segment was: KRW 161,927 in under 100kW segment; KRW 140,653 in  100kW-1MW segment; and 142,000 in over-1MW segment.

Six utilities (Korea South-East Power, KHNP, Korea Southern Power, Korea East-West Power, Korea Western Power, Korea Midland Power) have commissioned 200MW of renewable capacity each to KEA for the tender.

On the other hand, Korean PV startup SolarConnect provides a detailed analysis on the latest tender at their blog with easy-reading charts, trends over time, and strategic suggestions for PV developers. The company recently launched a real time PV plant monitoring device, RTU, which is integrated with the company’s PV asset management platform, SAEM.

Souce: KEA (Internet Explorer only)

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