KEPCO successfully conducted LOHC demo


Korea’s largest utility KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation) has successfully conducted LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers) tech demonstration, the company stated on March 9.

The demonstration proved a 20Nm3 scale concept possible, KEPCO said. As a relatively young technology, most of the researches on LOHC so far has had a scale under 1Nm3, the company added. The latest demo by KEPCO had acquired safety and tech certificates from Korea Gas Safety Corporation (KGS), which is also the first for a LOHC-applied hydrogen storage equipment.

KEPCO used Dibenzyltoluene (DBT) as the hydrogen carrier. When catalyzed under certain conditions (50-180℃, 50atm), hydrogen is absorbed into the carrier. Hydrogen can be released from the carrier when catalyzed under 250℃ and 3atm. The carrier can be reused, KEPCO explained.

KEPCO said that 100 liters of LOHC can refuel a hydrogen car, assumed the vehicle’s 5kg of hydrogen capacity, without any hydrogen leakage over a year.

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