Largest ever hydrogen plant to be built in Korea soon

hyosung mou signing
Hyosung | MOU signing ceremony, April 28.

Korean conglomerate Hyosung has joined hands with Linde, a leading global industrial gases and engineering company, to build the world’s largest liquid hydrogen plant “to vitalize hydrogen economy.”

The company statement said that the two partners will invest a total of KRW 300 billion (around USD 245 million) by 2022 to create the comprehensive value chain covering the production and transportation of liquid hydrogen, as well as installation and operation of recharging stations. The MOU between partners was signed on April 28 in Hyosung’s Seoul headquarter.

In detail, the hydrogen plant will be set in a 30,000m2 plot inside of Hyosung Chemical’s Yongyeon Plant in Nam-gu, Ulsan by investing KRW 150 billion. The plant will be the largest single hydrogen-producing facility when completed with an annual output of 13,000 tons, which can fuel 10,000 passenger cars. Partners are to set a joint venture in 2020 to start construction in Q1 2021. Completion is scheduled in 2022. The new plant will produce liquid hydrogen by applying Linde’s “top-notch” liquefaction technology to byproduct hydrogen generated from Yongyeon Plant, Hyosung explained.

The partners will also invest another KRW 150 billion, near the completion of the plant, to create infrastructure for hydrogen recharging. The investment envisions 120 hydrogen recharging stations (50 new stations plus 70 expansion projects) across the country. Hyosung has been building hydrogen recharging stations since 2008 and has built 15 stations since.

Korea’s ‘Hydrogen Economy Vitalization Roadmap,’ revealed in January 2019, targets 6.2 million hydrogen cars and 1,200 recharging stations in Korea by 2040.

Jos Scholman
Image by Jos Scholman | Jos Scholman adopts 10 Hyundai Nexo cars.

On the other hand, in Europe, four companies in the Netherlands have created a consortium to build a “green hydrogen” plant in Nieuwegein, Allesoverwaterstof reported. The four companies are Jos Scholman (contractor), KWR Water, Allied Waters, and Hysolar. They will power a 2MW electrolyzer with 9MW solar fields of a utility company, WRK (Watertransportmaatschappij Rijn-Kennemerland). The project will produce 250 tons of hydrogen per year, and a 1km pipeline is already under construction to transport hydrogen Jos Scholman’s fueling station. Interestingly, Jos Scholman recently has purchased 11 Hyundai Nexo cars in an effort to make his company more sustainable. Jos Scholman will also replace existing company trucks with hydrogen vehicles gradually.

Image courtesy of 河南石化新闻

In China, Ningxia Baofeng Energy Group started the construction of a massive PV-powered hydrogen plant in Yinchuan of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The company is investing around CNY 1.4 billion into the project, which will include two 100MW PV power stations and two electrolyzers of 10,000m3/h output each. The facility will go on-line next year, as many media reported.

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