Korea surveyed the government fleet, targeting 90% green car by 2030

The Korean government surveyed how many green cars (including EV, hydrogen vehicles, and hybrid vehicles) it (1,508 organizations) had or had purchased in 2019. The statistics showed that the government had purchased a total of 15,463 vehicles, of which 4,270 were green ones, or 27.6%. The government also possesses 118,314 units of cars, of which 14,981, 12.7% were green cars. MOTIE commented that the numbers are somewhat low as green car quota was implemented in 2016. However, 12.7% is five times higher than the country’s total, 2.5%.

MOTIE also said the purchase quota allotted for green cars will be increased to 80% by 2021, and to 100% gradually afterward. Organizations that miss the target will be fined by 2021. Green cars’ share in the government fleet will also increase to 35% by 2022 and 90% by 2030.

Korea will update the purchase record and fleet status every year. The country will also survey and post, from 2021, what kind of official cars the heads of government organizations are using.

Source: MOTIE

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