Korea to set hydrogen stations across its expressways

korea_express_hydrogen station
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport | Hydrogen charging station. Anseong Service Area on Gyeongbu Expressway.

Korea’s state-run expressway operator Korea Expressway Corporation (KEC) has posted a tender document inviting developers to build hydrogen charging stations along the highways.

KEC stated that the tender, which receives proposals by April 14, will select up to 14 developers to install the hydrogen recharging stations in service areas.

The tender offers two projects and bidders can choose between them. The first project listed 10 service areas that requires a hydrogen charging station each. A selected developer will benefit KRW 1.5 billion for a station. The second project let a bidder make and submit a proposal freely for every service areas in the country except 10 places listed above or areas already has a station. Each selected developer of the second project will benefit KRW 1 billion.

Developers of both projects will lease the premises for free until it generates profit, operating the charging station for 15 years with an option to add five more years. The development should be finished within 12 months from the commencement.

The projects specification (named as “붙임3_고속도로 수소복합충전소 수소충전시스템 구축 시방서” in the link above) requires an operator to run the station over 13 hours per day. Hydrogen cargoes satisfying ISO14687-2 standard will be supplied by tube trailers, according to the specification. The station would be able to charge 65 FCEV passenger cars (exemplified by NEXO in the document) per day.

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