Korea will run all-electric ferries by 2024

mof scheme
MOF | Operation of all-electric ferries and mobile power supplies

The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) of Korea has started an R&D project to develop an all-electric ferry and mobile power supply system.

The development and adaptation of all-electric ferries are spreading around the world, particularly in Scandinavian countries and North America, MOF said. To elaborate on the motivation of the project, the ministry quoted a market researching firm IDTechEX saying that the market for the all-electric ferry will worth around USD 12.4 billion by 2029, which is a huge leap from 2018’s USD 800 million.

MOF will invest KRW 7.212 billion this year and a total of KRW 26.8 billion by 2024 for the project. The project is expected to build an actual ship by 2023, and have it operating in 2024 after a year of tests and trials. MOF specifies that the 600-ton, 1MW all-electric ferry should carry over 100 passengers and 20 cars with around 8-12m of width and 47-62m of width.

mof illustration
Image by MOF | All-electric ferry, illustration

The project will also develop an 800kWh battery-based mobile power supply system integrated with trucks, which can supply power to not only ferries but also island communities, who have less accessibility to the national grid.

MOF stated that the development and adaptation of all-electric ferry would eliminate emissions from existing 165 ferries in Korea. The ministry quoted a journal saying that a ferry discharges 127 tons of CO2 and 0.34 tons of PM per year.

MOF selected KRISO (Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering) as the research manager. KRISO will organize a consortium with private (RaonTec) and public (South Jeolla Province, Mokpo city, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute) entities, MOF said. Besides KRISO, renowned Korean classification society Korean Register of Shipping (KR), research university KAIST, and Norwegian university USN will participate in the project, MOF said.

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