Samsung’s cure for all-solid-state batteries’ dendrites plague

Samsung | All-solid-state lithium metal battery with silver–carbon composite anodes

Samsung’s R&D arms have presented a study on an international journal on “high-performance, long-lasting all-solid-state batteries,” which can improve the performance of all-solid-state battery with a lithium metal anode.

post on Samsung Newsroom said that researchers from Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) and Samsung R&D Institute Japan (SRJ) presented the study, ‘High-energy long-cycling all-solid-state lithium metal batteries enabled by silver–carbon composite anodes’, to Nature Energy, a monthly peer-reviewed journal with Impact Factor of 54.000 as of 2018.

According to Samsung, the study tried to improve all-solid-state batteries by resolving the problem of the growth of dendrites. Dendrites in batteries are tree-like crystal forming on the surface of negative anodes which can damage membranes, harming lifespan and stability of batteries

Researchers utilized a ‘5µm thick silver-carbon (Ag-C) nanocomposite layer’ as the anode to resolve the problem. They, in turn, found that a prototype pouch cell with the layer ‘enabled the battery to support a larger capacity, a longer cycle life, and enhanced its overall safety.’ By utilizing the layer, the team reduced ‘anode thickness and increase energy density up to 900Wh/L,’ making the prototype nearly 50% smaller by volume compared to a conventional Li-ion battery.

Samsung translated the improvements into ‘an EV to travel up to 800km on a single charge’ and ‘a cycle life of over 1,000 charges.’

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