Provinces jumping into Green New Deal train

South Jeolla Province (Jeonnam) held a meeting inviting experts and industry representatives to develop strategies responding to the nationwide Green New Deal initiative. The province will pursue 14 massive renewable projects including a waste-to-hydrogen demonstration project.

Another province, South Chungcheong Province (Chungnam) also expressed its intention to commit itself to the Green New Deal with 50 projects, investing KRW 2.6472 trillion in the next five years.

South Chungcheong Province has recently opened Chungnam Energy Center, which will lead the province through the energy transition. The center will develop the province’s energy policies as well as building a database and doing surveys and research.

It seems other local governments will follow Jeonnam and Chungnam.

Source: South Jeolla Province, South Chungcheong Province 12

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