Bosnia and Herzegovina tenders a 60MW PV project

Government of the Republika Srpska
Government of Republika Srpska | Government building

The government of Republika Srpska, one of two entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has posted a statement that it is receiving bids for a 60MW photovoltaic project.

With the annual energy production of 84GWh targeted, the project will be built at Bileća, a town located southern region of the republic.

The government explained in the official document that the project will occupy around 133 hectares of land to produce 1,520kWh of electricity annually per 1m2. The government estimated a total of around BAM 70 million (around USD 38.8 million) will be invested in the implementation.

The bidding deadline is April 13. Details about the tender can be found at the link and the document attached (Serbian).

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