KEA ignited record-breaking RPS fixed price tender

A large white rooftop covered in solar panels
AleSpa on Wikipedia, distributed under CC BY-SA 3.0 | 1MW Rooftop PV, Schwarze Heide, Germany, July 2012. Info URL in the description

Korea Energy Agency (KEA) just started a 1,200MW RPS fixed-price competitive tender for the first half of 2020 on behalf of utilities with renewable energy quota. The size of the tender, which excludes ESS capacity is more than double compared to 2H 2019.

Six utilities (Korea South-East Power, KHNP, Korea Southern Power, Korea East-West Power, Korea Western Power, Korea Midland Power) have commissioned 200MW of renewable capacity each to KEA for the tender.

PV or PV-connected ESS projects are eligible to the tender. The contract price would be the sum of SMP+1REC price.

The bidding period for facilities under 100kW is April 2-10. Facilities over 100kW should be applied in April 13-17 period. Details and the full tender document can be accessed at the link.

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