Korea to label PV modules with CO2 emission

Hanwha Q Cells | 156kWp system with Q.FLAT-G4.1 modules, Glostrup, Denmark

Korea starts measuring the carbon footprint of PV panels.

The ‘PV Module Carbon Certification Scheme,’ which has officially launched on February 27, will measure and certify the total kilogram of CO2 emission discharged along the whole production chain of a PV module, from polycrystalline silicon to ingot, wafer, cell, and module product.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) explained that the scheme has a precedent in France where measured carbon emission has a significant weight in public procurement tenders for facilities over 100kW.

MOTIE stated that Korea will start applying the Scheme in government procurement in 2H 2020. The Ministry is also planning to give a bonus to low carbon PV products in RPS market in the coming years.

Korea also has been drawing the ‘minimum efficiency rule’ for PV modules, which would demand a minimum of 17.5% efficiency to stay in the market.

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