North Korea pursuing sun and wind to break out of chronic blackout

Nicor on Wikipedia, distributed under CC BY-SA 3.0 | Pyongchon Thermal Power Station, North Korea, August 2012. Author info in description

North Korea, a country suffering from constant power shortages and failures, has built a renewable energy facility of thousands of kilowatts.

The country’s state-controlled website ‘Uriminzokkiri’ reported news on a renewable power station in Sinuiju.

The media said that North Pyeongan Province (Pyeonganbuk-do) power distribution department has built a renewable energy power station “with modern aesthetics.” According to the media, the facility has thousands of PV modules and wind turbines installed on a 1,000m-long “east bank” site which is located in Sinuiju’s Majeon district.

Uriminzokkiri also praised workers and engineers who installed the PV modules and turbines on a “not flatland but slope.”

North Korea implemented a ‘renewable energy law’ back in 2013. The law aims not only to install PV modules to 100,000 homes but also to increase the country’s renewable capacity to five million kilowatts by 2044. The country also has been developing ‘Sinuiju Special Administrative Region’ since 2014, which is located near the border with China.

Image by Uriminzokkiri, retrieved on March 5
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