Korean utility envisioning Korean made turbine gearbox

Unison | 4.2MW-U136 turbine

A KEPCO subsidiary Korea East-West Power (EWP) is joining hands with the industry and universities to localize gearbox for wind turbines.

It said on February 20 that the company met representatives from Woorim Machinery, Unison, Changwon Moonsung University and Jungwon University at EWP head office in Ulsan. The meeting was the opening of the partners’ effort to develop gear systems for turbines over 4MW.

EWP | Ulsan EWP head office, February 19

For this localization project, Korean turbine manufacturer Unison will provide design data and demo site to develop the gearbox. The gearbox will be tested on Unison’s 4.2MW turbine(4.2MW-U136) for a year after the development.

EWP has been enthusiastic in turbine localization. The outfit’s ‘Korea-Wind 200’ project is aiming to install 200 units of Korean made turbines through 2030 by employing them in major initiatives such as its 750MW ‘East Coast Wind Belt’ project. As of 2019, there are 75 Korean made turbines in operation.

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